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Manufacturers of home theaters have devoted much time and effort to upgrading audio components, and such tendency has resulted in the growing number of 7.2 receivers. Nowadays, it is possible to find a high-quality product at a reasonable cost. If you have bought a 7.2 receiver and own 5.1 speakers, you are probably wondering whether it is possible to connect 5.1 speakers to a 7.2 receiver.

To make things simpler, you must understand that these figures denote the number of speakers in a system. If you use a 7.2 system, the sound is split across 7 speakers. The same principle is applicable to 5.1 units.

9.2 channel receiver

A 5.1 sound system consists of a receiver with 5-channel speakers. 7.2 systems are the latest invention with a larger range of speakers integrated into the cabinet. Such an upgrade can deliver powerful surround sound thanks to 7 robust speakers arranged in a room.

No wonder more and more people are investing money in a 7-speaker setup and googling whether they could use a 7.2 receiver with 5.1 speakers. In general, you can easily perform such a modification, but note that the output quality will differ from what you get with a 7.2 stereo system. If you are after a crystal-clear sound, you should opt for 7 full-features speakers.

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