Home Blog Is it possible to damage speakers using a wrong AMP

While shopping for a proper amplifier to boost the performance of your speakers, you need to consider impedance in the first place.

It is measured in ohms and shows how much resistance a device applies to electric current. Thus, low-impedance speakers are less resistant to the current and require more power from an amp. If there is a mismatch between the electrical resistance of every device, there may appear 2 serious problems – clipping and system failure.

Damage speakers using an old AMP

Clipping is the phenomenon that occurs when an amplifier can’t deliver the required amount of power. When a device reaches the max power supply, there is no way to amplify an incoming signal without deforming it. In other words, a signal is amplified, but its form undergoes unpleasant changes.

When such a distortion happens, there arise negative consequences. First off, the sound quality gets distorted. Moreover, an underpowered amp can damage speakers because it can’t produce enough power for them to work as intended. Since clipping appears as the result of an overdriven amplifier, a device also gets too hot.

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