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To laminate something twice is possible but a little bit difficult. In particular, to make lamination successfully, you need a specific amount of resin. This means that only the first layer will harden and hold all the components together without additional resin.

However, there is one problem: two layers of plastic need to stick together, which can happen only when the surface of one layer is scratched. Only then layers can bond together.

Why do people laminate something twice?

Most people want to laminate it twice to make their documents more durable and waterproof. They use double lamination to prevent documents from damage, for example, caused by slightly torn paper.

Besides, some people try to hide some misprints using double lamination. They think the second layer can hide mistakes because of its thickness.
However, often such paper doesn’t fit down into the laminating machine one more time because of its thickness.

Advantages to laminate something twice

Film For Lamination

Longer Life

Double lamination provides a longer life of documents than single laminated. This reduces wear on both sides of the document, making it last longer without tearing while being handled by employees, customers, or just within your office.

Hidden Imperfections

A double lamination also helps to hide minor imperfections such as tears and wavy presentation papers. The extra film layer covers up minor problems and provides an excellent presentation of the document.

You can write on it

Double lamination provides another significant possibility and allows you to write directly on an item using pens or markers. In addition, two layers of the film can save the document from ink.

Disadvantages to laminate something twice

Firstly, it is more expensive. The cost of making a lamination twice is about $2-5 for one card, while the single lamination process costs $0.7-1.5 per card. So you can save 20-50%. For example, if a company wants to manufacture ID cards for their employees and laminate them twice, it must pay much more money.

Secondly, the thickness of such laminated cards or other documents makes it harder to handle. For example, it makes the card harder to swipe through readers. Besides, it can be challenging to fit twice-laminated documents into wallets or other slots.

It’s also not recommended for archival storage. While double lamination is an effective method for preserving documents, it is better not to use it for long-term archival storage because the inner film can deteriorate over time.

Is it better to laminate twice or to use thicker lamination film?

Our advice is to laminate once with a good quality film to protect the item’s surface and outline without causing additional problems. The application of multiple layers will result in increased thickness and stiffness; as a result it will be difficult for you to do something with it, for example, to fold the product.

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