Home Laminators Will laminating damage the picture in any way?

There are many different types of lamination, so it isn’t easy to say. It depends on the quality of the product that people use for this purpose.

Cheaper varieties might cause damage, while expensive lamination sheets are better for this purpose. So the good idea is to buy high-quality photo-safe laminating sheets. Besides, it also depends on the photo quality. This is why it’s better to ask a professional such as a photographer or framer since they better know about their products.

Why do people laminate photos?

Photos are especially vulnerable in the presence of natural light, humidity, and heat. Excessive exposure to any of these can cause permanent damage. This is because these conditions cause the photo paper to deteriorate through oxidation.

People usually do it to protect photos from this damage. While laminating cannot prevent yellowing completely (oxidation), it does protect the photo from further damage. It also allows people to write on it without worrying about ruining the photo. Besides, protected with a layer of lacquer, photos are difficult to tear.

How can lamination damage a photo?

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How can lamination damage a photo?

Lamination can damage the photos because it affects the picture underneath. If you want to order a laminated photo, the color of the laminate sheet should exactly match your photo.

In some cases, the laminated picture can darken, the colors may change, or the surface can become sticky in extreme cases. Most damage is irreversible, though some degree of recovery is possible.

The main reason is the following: when a photograph is laminated, the layer of film softens from the heat and pressure of the lamination machine. This allows chemicals in the adhesive or ink to oxidize on the picture surface. As a result, it causes a visible change in the image.

How to avoid damage to photos during lamination?

If you want to laminate photos yourself, you should pay attention to how lamination is arranged. You need to find out if this lamination machine has the mode of adjusting the temperature or not.

Laminating at a lower temperature can help achieve better transparency of film and help to avoid color changing. If you print the photo on good-quality paper, you have more chances to avoid photo damage.

To protect your prints from rolling during lamination, use a machine that has a small roller in it. This will level the surface.

What lamination film is it better to use for photos?

You can laminate with any adhesive plastic sheeting that has been manufactured specifically for photos.

Is it better to use glossy and matte finish lamination?

Both are different in appearance only. There are no differences in its quality, life, and other aspects. However, most people prefer to use matte finish lamination for photos. Because of it, it will not reflect the light like glossy finish lamination. A photo can change its color with the reflection of lights on it.

Besides, matte finishes can absorb the lamination chemicals slightly, so they resist fingerprints and spots much better than photo paper with a glossy finish.

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